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10 Tricks to Look as Elegant as Kate Middleton Every Day

Ever since Kate Middleton stepped into the spotlight as Prince William’s chosen one, she’s been the one we all want to look like. But if you take away the glitz and glamour of royalty, she’s kind of basic: simple brunette hair color, soft brown eyeliner, nude lips, and a typical salon blowout.

Heck, she doesn’t even wear nail colors! Yet Kate’s still the one whose pictures we pin or copy at the hair salon. She makes that classic romantic look feel fresh. But there’s an art to her beauty style (you can’t just wake up like that).

Here, we’ve broken down 10 tips to help you get there!

1. Know the Power of a Chic Hair Accessory

Fascinators are old-school English — and that’s what makes them so fashion forward today. Looking to the past for inspiration is always en vogue, and Kate knows how to rock hers under styles such as this half-up ‘do.

2. Master Smudged Yet Clean Eyeliner

Though Kate’s signature smoky brown eye makeup always looks superclean, she knows that smudging the liner just a bit will soften it. Just observe how friendly her eyes seem!

3. Nude Lips Will Never Be Too Much

If you’re having tea with the queen, you simply can’t have red lipstick smudges on your cup. Dusty-rose lipstick will make your mouth stand out without leaving any telltale color signs or distracting attention away from your other features.

4. Pink Blush Isn’t Just For Ballet Students

In a world where bronzer reigns queen, Kate opts for beautiful blush. Applied to the apples of the cheeks, it makes her bone structure (and dimples!) pop.

5. Chocolate-Brown Strands Will Land You a Prince

They say men love brunettes, and in Kate’s case, keeping her color simple and natural surely attracted quite a catch! Maintain your hair hue by getting a gloss at your next salon appointment.

6. A Bouncy Salon Blowout Is Always Worth It

And never skimp on a nice round-brush blow-dry at the salon. Find the time and cash, and you’ll realize the whole world is just a lot shinier when you look like you stepped out of a hair commercial.

7. Clear Nail Polish Looks Pristine With a Giant Rock

Nail art may still be all the rage, when you have a giant diamond ring, complement it with a less flashy manicure. A natural hue is also less likely to show chips.

8. Invest in Your Skin Care

You may be classic with your makeup colors, but you can experiment when it comes to skin care. Kate reportedly got a bee-venom facial (aka “natural botox”) before her big day.

9. Rock That Second-Day Ponytail When It’s Time

Any gal who gets regular blowouts knows that when it’s time to throw it up, it’s time to throw it up. But your ponytail doesn’t need to look like you just left a HIIT class. Instead, take a nod from Kate: tease the top and wrap the elastic with hair.

10. Smiling Is Always Worth the Wrinkles

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian may be too scared to smile (it supposedly causes wrinkles), but Kate flashes those pearly whites — and we love her for it. After all, there’s nothing prettier than genuine happiness.

Credits: PopSugar

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